Zojirushi Bread Makers Reviewed – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Zojirushi makes some of the best bread makers you can buy today, and that’s a fact. They’re a Japanese company and have been in the business of manufacturing home and kitchen products since 1918. They currently make electric kettles, hot water dispensers, water boilers, electric kettles, and of course, bread machines, but that’s not all they manufacture.

The company has expanded due to its massive success and they now have subsidiary companies in several countries, mostly in Asia. They also have a large presence in the US as well. As should be expected of companies of this size, Zojirushi has gone through several brand name changes, the last one being the change from Kyowa Manufacturing Co. to Zojirushi. Its original name was Ichikawa Brothers. Zojirushi’s logo is an image of an elephant, which symbolizes familiarity, strength, and intelligence. This logo was adopted in 1961.

The very first product Zojirushi made was a glass-lined vacuum bottle and it was designed for home use. This was a remarkable product at the time it was manufactured, and this helped build a solid foundation for the growth and expansion of the company. Now, Zojirushi is a well-known brand in the home and kitchen market, and they continue to produce top-notch products using the latest technologies with the main aim of improving the daily lives of everyone.

Zojirushi’s models aren’t the cheapest, but they are some of the best. There are several of them on the market and they are all rated excellently by consumers who have tried them out and are now using them in their homes.

The most popular model is the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus which I’m going to start with in the reviews that follow. Let’s begin.

Reviews of Zojirushi Bread Makers

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, this product is probably one of the most popular bread makers ever made by Zojirushi. It has an LCD display which is large and therefore easy to view and read information on it. If you’ve ever used a device or appliance without an LCD display, you will appreciate how useful an LCD display can be. The display makes selecting a course much easier. It also shows you the currently selected course, your timer settings, and a bunch of other useful details you’ll need as a home baker.

One of the most notable features of this appliance is its rapid course setting. This rapid course setting makes it possible to bake loaves and have it ready in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes. Whether you wish to bake whole wheat or white loaves, you can have a loaf of this ready in approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes according to the manufacturer, Zojirushi. This isn’t the only course you can select on this fantastic product, though. There are other courses such as gluten-free, multigrain, sugar-free, whole wheat, vegan, and salt-free.

Some of these courses are special because they are for special diets. These special courses are the salt, gluten, and sugar free courses. The machine is designed to knead, rise, and bake your loaves in ways that are conducive to each type of loaf, therefore producing the best results for each selected course. With these courses selected, it’s easy to avoid adding ingredients you don’t need too. That’s another advantage of these special courses. When you wish to bake loaves that requires seeds, nuts, and whole grain flour, the multigrain course is the right course to select. If your recipe doesn’t require extra ingredients like nuts and seeds, you can bake whole wheat loaves using just the rapid whole wheat course, or the whole wheat course if you’re not in a hurry.

Bread making isn’t all about baking. Having the ability to knead dough thoroughly is an important feature that all bread makers should have. The Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus thankfully has this capability owing to its double kneading blades. These blades knead dough so perfectly your loaves turn out perfect. Although bread making isn’t all about baking, baking is super important too. In fact, kneading and baking are the two functions your model should be able to do more than anything else. This model prioritizes this function with its dual bottom heaters. These heaters ensure even baking on all sides of your loaf, and the lid keeps the heat in so it spreads fluidly to all sides of your loaf. In the end, you get a loaf you can be proud of having made yourself with little effort required on your part.

This appliancer is available in black, and it has a nice design. There’s a bunch of buttons on the machine that give you access to all of its features. There’s a curst control button, a timer button, a start button, a cancel button, course selection up/down arrow buttons, cycle selection up/down arrow buttons, and the same type of buttons for setting the time too.

There’s a special button on the machine, which is the homemade course button. This button allows you to make your own course that is unique to all the preprogrammed courses on the machine by changing the time settings for the kneading, rising, and baking processes to suit the course or recipe you want to use. The machine comes with a recipe book so you don’t have to worry about finding recipes. There are a good number of recipes in its recipe book and some examples are mini white, cinnamon roll, and homemade pasta. So, you just need to pick a recipe you like, use the homemade course feature to adjust your settings, and you’re good to go.

While baking, you may want to have a quick look to check on the progress of the machine. The viewing window comes in handy for this. It’s large so you can view a significant portion of your loaf. If you’re curious and want to see how the magic happens in the machine, the viewing window allows you to watch how it all happens.

Like many other models, this Zojirushi appliance doesn’t just make bread alone. It makes cake and other stuff too, and there are courses for these as well.

Customer Opinions

So the first reviewer of this product on Amazon was going to buy a bread maker and was considering two different machines, this one and another machine from Breville prior to their purchase. After doing a side by side comparison, they found that each model has its upsides and downsides, but no deal breakers. They couldn’t decide on which to buy because both models are excellent choices, so they decided to compare quality and find out which machine made better loaves. In the end, it’s always about bread quality. That’s what makes a bread maker great, not fancy features, although having a considerable number of useful features is also important.

This Zojirushi machine won in the final comparison. The reviewer gave reasons for picking this machine as the better one. According to the reviewer, they preferred regular-sized loaves and the Zojirushi gave them exactly that. It makes standard loaves by default, and the reviewer found this incredibly useful as they could make loaves without worrying about whether they would fit in their toaster or not. The Breville on the other hand needs to be tweaked by adjusting the settings and ingredients used in order to make regular-sized loaves.

Another reason why this reviewer preferred this machine’s loaves was because this machine makes bread with perfectly consistent browning on every side. If you love bread, then you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s not only important for bread to taste good, it’s also crucial that it looks good too, so consistent browning is a huge plus for a bread maker.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme

This model has a similar design to the Virtuoso Plus reviewed above. It comes with 10 pre-programmed options for making excellent loaves. It also has 3 crust shade options that you can pick from. The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 bread maker has a viewing window that is large enough to enable you see what your loaf looks like while the machine does its job. Speaking of its job, it does a really great job of making excellent 2-pound rectangular or horizontal loaves and this can be partly attributed to its dual-blade feature which helps in thoroughly kneading dough.

In the package, you’ll find a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, and a recipe/user manual. Cleaning the machine is easy thanks to its nonstick bread pan. Using the machine is also easy because it has an LCD control panel. This panel makes it easy to pick the features and settings you want and adjust them using the buttons on the panel. There are buttons on the panel for crust control, delay timer (13-hour delay), cycle, and baking time selection. There are also buttons for selecting a course and starting/resetting the machine.

Having this machine on your countertop means you can have freshly baked bread anytime you want. The aroma is so irresistible and is one of the top reasons why many prefer making their own bread. This machine enables you to make the kind of bread you want when you want. Want garlic bread sticks for dinner? Just get the ingredients and start the machine. Want cinnamon-raisin bread in the morning? That’s also possible with this machine. With this product, your bread will look like it came right out of a bakery. Want something else? There’s a host of other things that this machine is capable of baking as well. This includes chocolate cake, homemade meatloaf, strawberry jam, and many others.

Just in case you were wondering, the 10 preprogrammed settings on this machine are as follows: homemade, jam, sour dough, quick dough, quick wheat, quick, basic dough, basic wheat, basic, and cake. As mentioned earlier, this machine has a 13-hour delay timer button, which makes it possible to delay the machine so it completes the baking cycle when you want. For example, if you want to come home to a freshly baked loaf after work, simply calculate how long you’ll need to delay it for and then set it up. When you return, you’ll have a warm loaf waiting for you. The same goes if you want to wake up to a fresh aromatic loaf in the morning.

In as little as 2 hours, this machine will produce a fresh loaf thanks to the quick cycle, so if you need a loaf quickly, be sure to start in time and you’ll be completely satisfied with it. This appliance also has a few other features such as indicator light which is very useful, an auto shut-off feature that automatically shuts off the machine for extra safety, and power failure backup for 10 minutes. A recipe/user manual, measuring spoon, and measuring cup come with this model too.

Note: The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 is a newer version of the Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme which is very similar to this one but comes in a different color (stainless steel).

Customer Opinions

The top review of this model bears the title “best bread machine” and I’m not surprised because this can easily become the best for anyone who buys it, because it’s that good. This reviewer bought their machine 6 years ago and it has been working fine ever since, despite the fact that they use it everyday. This attests to the durability of this bread maker, which is an important consideration when choosing buying one. The reviewer talks about the slight learning curve involved in making your own bread in the kitchen, which for the most part has to do with finding a recipe that produces exactly the kind of bread you like to eat.

This user was able to find that recipe that worked perfectly for them after a few tries and since then, every loaf made with this machine has come out perfectly. Before finding the right recipe for you, your initial loaves might be too large because you put too many ingredients in it or for some other reason, or they might not be as tasty or smell the way you want them too.

One of the features of this appliance that this user made the most of is the timer. They usually set up the machine so it cooks while they sleep, and every morning, the first smell they breathe in is that of freshly baked bread, ready to devour. The reviewer shared their recipe in their review and mentioned that they use the light setting on the machine so it produces the softest bread, just the way the like it.

The second review I’ll be writing about is from another long-time user of this machine, but this time it’s for 8 years, not 6 like the previous reviewer. Like the previous reviewer, this one has used their machine everyday as well since it’s been in their possession and it has made consistent loaves for them. All they do is follow the recipes included in the machine and select the quick bread course to make nice loaves every time. The loaves she makes are so good that her kid’s friends want to taste it all the time. This reviewer hasn’t just made bread with her machine, though. She’s made meatloaves too! As expected, she gave this machine a 5-star review, stating that it’s the best bread maker she’s ever bought and if she could, she’d give it more than 5 stars. Yes, it’s that good.

Now, there are a couple of negative reviews on the product page of this appliance on Amazon. You can read them if you want, but don’t let them discourage you from buying if this is the one you want. Some reviewers don’t learn how to use the machine properly before they begin making bread with it and then wonder why it doesn’t work as well as they expected. Negative reviews can also appear as a result of some users not following the recipes properly or receiving a faulty model (which they can obviously return for a good one). As you might have realized, negative reviews don’t mean a product is bad. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, go ahead and purchase it. For example, 75% of the reviews of this bread maker at the time of this writing are 5-star reviews, so if I were interested in this machine, I would buy it without hesitation.

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery Mini

Bread makers are super useful appliances and a standard one can meet all your needs in the kitchen, but what if you just want a mini one? Enter the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 mini bread maker. Not everyone wants to make 2-pound loaves all the time. If you’re someone that requires just 1-pound loaves, for example if you live alone or you have a small family, then this is the right machine for you. It also has a smaller size, so it occupies less space on your countertop compared to regular machines.

This mini programmable bread maker has most of the features present in the standard machines reviewed above. It has a delay timer that can delay the machine for up to 13 hours, a viewing window so you can check on your dough as it’s being baked, and a control panel with an LCD attached to make utilizing the features of the machine easier. I like the fact that this machine is lightly colored, and the descriptions of the controls on the panel are dark for contrast. There are multiple menu settings available on this model, and they include French, soft, basic bread for regular or firm bread, cake, jam, dough, and cookie/pasta dough.

On the control panel, you’ll find specific buttons for cookie/pasta dough, cake, and jam courses. The cookie/pasta dough course is used for making homemade pasta or cookies, the jam course is meant for mixing and preparing jam so you can enjoy your freshly made bread with it, and the dough course gives you more control over how your things turn out by letting you add your own touch to the dough using your hands. Other buttons on the panel are crust control, timer, and start/reset.

If you need to bake bread fast, you can take advantage of the quick bake feature to make sure bread is ready in 2 hours or less. The items in the box include the mini bread maker, a manual, and a recipe booklet. If you’d rather watch than read, Zojirushi have added an instruction video to the product page of this machine on Amazon. Once you watch it, you’ll become an expert at using this product.

When you’re not using the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 mini bread maker, there’s a cord storage area behind it to conveniently and safely store the cord until you need to use the machine again. It’s also easy to carry around, not just because it’s compact, but also because it has a sturdy handle that makes moving it easy and stress-free. So, if you happen to be going on a vacation and don’t like carrying huge appliances with you, this machine would seem like it’s heaven-sent if you owned one.

Having a machine like this, even though it has 1-pound loaf limit, is the best way to ensure you have freshly baked bread and other baked goods whenever you need them. With the 1-pound loaf limit, you can simply stick to recipes for smaller bread makers and you won’t have any issues. There are recipe books that you can buy that contain all the recipes you’ll need to enjoy this machine to the fullest. It also comes with its own recipe booklet.

Customer Opinions

Seeing as this mini bread maker has a very good average rating on the world’s most popular shopping site, I expected good reviews from the thousands of users that have left a review since this machine became available on Amazon 20 years ago. The first review is from a customer who has used this appliance for more than 7 years. As is common with long-time users, this user makes bread using her machine every week and has done so for the past 7 years. Some long-time users make bread daily or even twice a day.

This user/reviewer took full advantage of the recipe booklet included with the machine and used the recipes alone to make all the types of bread she loves by modifying them when needed to produce exactly what she wanted. She’s made bread using a variety of ingredients such as dried fruits like mango, blueberries, and dark cherries, plus nuts like pistachios and walnuts. The result of following these recipes and using these ingredients is aromatic loaves that she not only loves and enjoy, but that her husband loves and enjoys as well. This lady has also found a way to make use of fruits that have almost gone bad by turning them into jam using the jam feature.

These fruits are not only used to make jam for bread, but are also used in making ice cream and yogurt. This reviewer went ahead to share her favorite recipes with readers and give them updates regarding the performance of her machine. Her latest update regarding this machine revealed that it had finally begun to give out after 7 years of constant use (2 or 3 times weekly). She mentioned that this reminded her of how long she’d been using it and she was completely satisfied with how long it lasted. Anyone would be satisfied given that this machine produced fresh aromatic loaves constantly for 7 years with almost no issues.

Since this is an older model, she mentioned that she would replace this one with the newer model (BB-SSC10) whose price is double the price of this one. This newer model was released a few years ago and it’s also a mini bread maker that makes 1-pound loaves. It is known as the Zojirushi Maestro, and that’s because it’s a premium machine. If you’re simply looking for a mini bread maker that you can use to make delicious bread with ease, the BB-HAC10 will fulfill all of your needs. However, if you want the best results and don’t mind shelling out the extra cash for it, go for the Maestro (reviewed below).

Zojirushi Home Bakery Maestro

The Maestro is a premium machine that comes in a premium white color with a good number of exclusive features not found in the older model. I’ll talk about these as I review this amazing beast. This machine has everything you’d expect to see in a modern bread maker. It comes with 15 preprogrammed courses, yes 14. Here they are: white bread, European bread, whole wheat, quick white, quick whole wheat, bread/pizza, pasta, jam, cake, sugar-free, vegan, multigrain, gluten-free, salt-free, and homemade. There are buttons on the machine which make it so easy to use.

The buttons are the arrow buttons for selecting and scrolling through courses, another set of arrow buttons for the timer, a crust control button, a cancel button, and start, cycle, and timer buttons which are all on the other side of the crystal clear and bright LCD. Below the LCD is the beautiful Zojirushi logo and the model name of the product imprinted on the machine in black font.

This model has several amazing and special features. One of these is the auto add dispenser. This enables the machine to dispense ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and others automatically during the baking process. Another wonderful feature is the memory settings for the homemade course. The machine provides you with 3 slots to store various homemade recipes so you can easily select them when you need them with the same ease that you select the preprogrammed courses. Think of these memory settings as your own custom courses. You can modify the time settings for kneading, rising, and baking and store them so you won’t have to do it all over again when you need to use the same recipe.

A recipe book is included with this appliance so you can get started as soon as possible without worrying about what recipe to try out or spending time searching for one. The recipe book contains 50 delicious recipes with pictures in full color. By merely glancing at the recipe book, you could tell Zojirushi put a lot of effort into it. It’s not the best one you can get, but it’s very good for a complimentary recipe book that comes with a kitchen appliance.

Like the older model, this bread maker also has a carry handle for easy transportation and storage, and a measuring cup/spoon. Heaters can make or break a bread machine, and thankfully, this machine has excellent ones. It has double heaters, and these help in making light and airy crusts. They achieve this by increasing the heat within the interior of the machine at a very fast rate.

Overall, this is a high-performance mini bread maker. It has courses for special diets to avoid ingredients you don’t want, such as the vegan and gluten-free course. It also has a European course for baking light, tasty, and savory bread that go well with different types of cuisines. You can make the machine produce dark or medium crust thanks to the crust control setting, and the 13-hour delay timer lets you delay the machine so you can have fresh loaves at the exact time you want them. This product simply can hardly be faulted.

Customer Opinions

One of the reviews talks about how useful it is and how it performs excellently in making bread just as Zojirushi claims. However, the reviewer talked about something they don’t like, which is flour popping out and making cleaning a bit harder. This isn’t a huge issue and I noticed that other top reviews didn’t mention it, so perhaps this is an isolated issue that has more to do with the way the reviewer uses their machine than the machine itself. This same reviewer several favorable things to say about this machine though. It’s quiet, and that is a very nice feature to have. It’s stable, which is another way of saying it doesn’t shake while making bread, and it also looks great, so it will nicely complement the other appliances in your kitchen.

The first reviewer gave this Maestro bread maker a 4-star rating. A 5-star review mentioned that she’s been using bread machines for a really long time but she had to switch to this one because her needs changed over the years and she doesn’t need a machine that makes loaves that are bigger than 1-pound anymore. The ability of this machine to make 1-pound loaves is the first benefit she mentioned. She went on express her satisfaction with this machine by talking about she’s used it to make different kinds of bread, including white bread and French bread, and how it’s never disappointed her. According to her, she never leaves this machine on her counter, so the carry handle is a big plus for her as it makes it easy to move the machine to a different location. The last benefit she mentioned is the customer service. Zojirushi’s customer service “is excellent”, and her purchase has been a “wonderful” one so far.

Moving on to the third review, this reviewer mentioned that this appliance is perfect for couples, is easy to clean, and is well-made. According to him, He spends 10-15 minutes prepping and the machine spends 3.5 hours baking on average. When he uses rapid rise yeast, the baking time decreases to around 2.5 hours. The recipes included in the recipe book are easy to follow, and the auto-add dispenser feature makes baking a no-fuss activity for him. This reviewer has also made bread using recipes from other recipe books. Apparently, as soon as you become familiar with the settings on this machine and its capacity, using recipes from other books becomes easy. This reviewer loves how he can now make salt and preservative-free bread thanks to his bread machine, which is something most people that own bread makers can relate to. Because this model is so good, this reviewer hasn’t bought bread from a store since he purchased the Maestro.

Should You Buy a Zojirushi Bread Maker?

Zojirushi has a wonderful array of bread makers that can satisfy the needs of anyone. The Home Bakery 1-pound mini (BB-HAC10) is perfect for single people, couples, or small families. If you have the money, you can buy the more expensive Maestro (BB-SSC10), which comes with more features and better performance, and is also perfect for single people or small families. The BB-CEC20 and the Virtuoso (BB-PDC20) are great for large families since these are both 2-pound loaf makers.

So, should you buy a Zojirushi model? Yes, you absolutely should, particularly if you like the Zojirushi brand. Click here to buy any of the products mentioned on this page at the best prices.