So, you’ve got your flour, salt, yeast, water, vegetable oil, and sugar and you’re ready to make a delicious loaf of bread, but there’s just one problem you need to resolve. Hand kneading is a demanding task and you need to use a more efficient and convenient method to make your dough. What appliance do you turn to in times like this? You guessed right — a stand mixer.

This appliance does all the heavy lifting and produces better results. it mixes ingredients evenly and kneads dough much faster than you ever could by hand, saves you from wrist strain, offer you multiple speed settings as required by your recipe, and helps you bake better and more consistent loaves of bread. Whether you’re a novice or experienced baker, you can benefit a lot from owning a stand mixer.

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The Best Mixer for Bread Dough

Now, let’s address the burning question … what is the best model to buy? That question is easy to answer. After testing multiple models, I settled on the Hamilton Beach 4-Quart as the best one to buy if what you need is a machine that handles and makes bread dough excellently.

dough mixer

Of course, you can go over here and do the research yourself by looking at and evaluating hundreds of products, but if you wish to save your time and energy, buy this one. Why?

Why I Recommend this Product

  • it performs excellently and produces great dough. Its 300-watt motor can handle thick dough, thick batter, potatoes, and more.
  • Whether it’s a fast mix or a slow stir you want, this product offers you 7 speed options to mix anything you want. According to its speed guide as printed on the top of the product, speed 3 is the right speed to select for kneading dough. However, you have access to seven so you can change the mixing speed if your recipe recommends a different speed setting.
  • It comes with all the accessories you’ll need — a hook, which is the only attachment you’ll need if all you want to do is make dough with your stand mixer, a whisk, splash guard, and flat beater.
  • Its planetary mixing action means it has complete bowl coverage, so say goodbye to scraping for as long as you continue to use this mixer.
  • Its tilt up-head design makes adding ingredients and switching out attachments convenient.
  • Hamilton Beach is a long-standing household name.

Where to Buy

Click here to read more about the Hamilton Beach 4-Quart model and buy it at the best price, or visit the homepage to view the best ones if you’re looking for alternatives to the Hamilton Beach mixer. Also read my KitchenAid mixers guide for more options if you’re a fan of the KitchenAid brand.

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