Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the attachments that many stand mixer users purchase in addition to their mixer so they can use it to perform additional tasks with ease, instead of being limited to mixing and kneading. This attachment is the food grinder, which is one of the most common optional accessories users purchase. As you already know, your machine comes with a dough hook, flat beater or flex edge, and whisk or whip, while the other tools you might need have to be bought separately.

The product I’ll be reviewing is the KitchenAid food grinder, but don’t worry if you don’t have a KitchenAid mixer. Not all brands support additional attachments, but if your brand does the grinder designed for your model should work in a similar way as the KitchenAid’s.


So, the first feature you should be aware of is compatibility, and this tool is perfect in that regard, as it can work with all KitchenAid products. Whether your model was produced 50 years ago or last year, it will work since they all use the same attachment hub. It’s also clearly written on its product page that all mixers are supported.

Since this is a grinder, it stands to reason that it will be used to pulverize a variety of foods, not just a certain kind of food. This tool has different parts designed for different purposes.

  • When you need to grind meat and dried bread, it has a fine plate which you should use for that purpose.
  • If you need to grind vegetables, cheese, fresh fruit, and more, the coarse plate comes in handy

With this accessory in your possession, you can use your stand mixer to make bread crumbs, grind meat, grate cheese, combine spreads, salsas, dips, plus other uses. It’s a great alternative to a food processor for light grinding tasks and it’s much easier to clean than food processors. Its parts are dishwasher-safe too.

Items Included

There are many items included in the packaging and you have to assemble the parts in order to use the grinder. The parts you get are coarse and fine grinding plates, knife, stomper/wrench, ring, auger, and the housing. You also have the option to purchase additional parts like the:

  • food tray, which expands the surface area of the grinder so you can have more space at the top
  • and the sausage stuffer, which attaches to the grinder and makes sausages using a wide or narrow tube. The narrow tube is ideal for small breakfast meals, while the wide tube is ideal for breakfast recipes like homemade venison sausage
Food tray + Sausage stuffer

How to Use

To use this tool, simply affix it to the power hub of your machine. All KitchenAid mixers have one and if you have one from a different brand, simply follow its instructions. It should have a port or hub where it can be fixed. Attachments like this are powered by the same motor that powers the dough hook, whisk, and paddle.

Here’s a link to purchase this grinder from Amazon.

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