Whenever you hear the name “stand mixer”, the first idea that occurs to you is that this is a machine for mixing ingredients. However, it does much more than that. As you probably already know, these are incredibly versatile appliances, and their versatility is enabled by the vast range of attachments they support.

stand mixer attachments

KitchenAid mixers probably have the widest range of attachments. The last time I checked, it was more than 50. In a moment, I’m going to show you the top ones you absolutely should own.

Standard Attachments

These attachments come with most, if not all, stand mixers and are good enough to get you started with making use of your stand mixer, but if you need more functionality and truly want to make the most of it, check out the optional ones after this section.

  • Dough hook: As its name implies, when you want to knead dough for baking, this is the tool you need to add to your stand mixer.
  • Whisk: This is used for beating when the aim is to create light and fluffy mixtures.
  • Flat Beater: This is a versatile accessory used for mixing all sorts of ingredients while letting only a minimal amount of air into the mixture.

Optional But Must-Have Attachments

  • Ice cream maker: This is a bowl accessory that makes ice cream for you automatically in less than 25 minutes. Making ice cream is so easy with this tool. You just need to put the ingredients in the bowl and let the machine do its job. The ice cream maker can also be used to make sorbet and frozen yoghurt.
  • Food grinder: You don’t need to grind manually or buy a separate machine like a blender for grinding. You can grind beef, pork, chicken, and other ingredients using only the food grinder.
  • Food processor: Thinking of buying a food processor? Save your money. Get this attachment and you can julienne, slice, dice, and shred vegetables and other kinds of ingredients using just your mixer.
  • Pasta maker and cutter: This accessory enables you to make perfect pasta at home and you even get to choose from two sizes when cutting — thin or thick cut. Whether it’s macaroni, noodles, or spaghetti you want, it’s all possible with the pasta maker and cutter.
  • Grain mill: This is all you need to mill your wheats, oats, rice and other grains and make your own specialty flour at home instead of buying them. You get to enjoy the benefit of using fresh flour for baking with this small but powerful tool, and it also lets you mill your grains to the consistency you desire.
  • Shredder and slicer: Shred or slice, whichever you want, the shredder and slicer converts your mixer to a shredder and slicer. Now you can enjoy fresh shredded cheese, and shred or slice vegetables in no time.
  • Juicer and sauce: Fresh juice is only a few minutes away when you have this accessory. Plus you can produce juice according to your desired texture with the several pulp screens available. The juicer and sauce attachment also makes jams and sauces.

3 Bonus Attachments to Consider

Also consider getting a spiralizer, which is used for spiralizing vegetables and making different types of cuts, a shifter/scale for shifting and weighing ingredients, and a ravioli maker for making ravioli. With these 10 attachments in your kitchen, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this versatile appliance.

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