Oster Bread Makers Reviewed – Are They Worth the Money?

Oster is a brand that needs no introduction, but I’ll go ahead and introduce them anyway. Feel free to skip to the reviews of Oster bread makers if you wish. Oster is a brand that is owned by Sunbeam Products, Inc. and they specialize in the manufacturing of small kitchen appliances which include blenders, juicers, ovens, toasters, and more. Ok, the introduction is over. You thought it was going to be a long one, didn’t you?

Oster has a few models on the market. One of them stands out among the rest, and it’s the Oster Expressbake (CKSTBRTW20). This product is the most popular Oster model on the market with over 7,000 ratings on Amazon, and it’s the one I’ll start with. There’s another machine that has a similar name as this one, but with a different model number (CKSTBR9050). It costs slightly more than the other one, but it’s very similar to it, both in design and features, though the first one (sorry, don’t like repeating these model numbers) was introduced to the market one year before the second one.

The latest model from Oster ranks currently ranks highly among similar machines, even though it was first produced and available on the market in November, 2020. The model number of this machine is 2114579. All Oster products have similar names, so you can only differentiate between them by their design or model numbers. They all have the ExpressBake function too, which makes it possible to bake a loaf in less than an hour. One huge advantage of buying Oster’s machines is their relative cheapness. None of them cost more than 100 USD (according to prices on Amazon at the time of writing this article). Let’s get started reviewing these interesting machines.

Reviews of Oster Bread Makers

Oster CKSTBRTW20 ExpressBake

Colored in white and ivory, this product is a machine that will give you great value for the money. It looks great and you’ll love having it in your kitchen. This machine is powerful, at 650 watts, and it has the capacity to make loaves up to 2 pounds in weight. This is the ideal product for large families, although single people and small families can use it as well, it might be considered overkill by some. It has the proprietary expressbake function by Oster, which speeds up baking so much so that an entire loaf is baked in less than an hour. How amazing is that?

There are 3 crust settings on this machine as well as 12 settings that automatically adjust the machine’s settings to aid it in producing the perfect loaves in accordance with your recipe. With these settings, you can make many different types of bread, plus jam and dough. The settings are as follows: basic bread, French, whole wheat, sweet, European, dough, bagel dough, and bake. Other settings include the ultra fast setting for 1.5-pound bread, the ultra fast setting for 2 pounds, the quick setting, and the jam setting. Other buttons on the machine allow you to activate important functions, such as loaf size selection, crust selection, menu, and on/off buttons. These make this machine really easy to use, but that’s not all. It has a large display that makes operating it even easier.

I like the length of the cord on this machine. It’s 40 inches long, and I’m sure you know what that means. You can use this machine without placing it very close to an outlet. As with most models, this Oster machine also has a timer. It can be adjusted using the delay time buttons on the machine’s panel and is programmable for up to 13 hours. Something else that I really like but that isn’t so special is the round viewing window that gives you a good view as it bakes.

After baking, cleaning this machine is easy for two reasons. The first reason is its nonstick pan. It’s made of aluminum so it distributes heat evenly across your loaf so you get consistent loaves every time. Since it’s a nonstick pan, it’s easy to clean. The second reason is its removable lid. You already know that the easiest parts of an appliance to clean are its removable parts, so the more removable parts it has, the easier it will be to clean.

Baking can’t get any easier than this. Add your ingredients and watch this bread maker knead, rise, bake, and produce a fresh loaf automatically, ready to fill your stomach and satisfy your taste buds. If you need to add mix-ins while baking, you don’t need to worry about when it’s the right time to add them because the machine signals to you to add them when it’s time to do so. With this product, you don’t need to buy an additional materials because everything you need is included with the machine. It comes with a measuring spoon, a measuring cup, and a kneading paddle. Make bread, make rolls, make pizza, make jam, make jelly. It does it all.

Customer Opinions

A customer that uses this appliance weekly talked about how this machine has turned out to be the perfect replacement for their old machine which lasted for 10 years. The user was impressed that their previous Oster model lasted so long so they decided to purchase another Oster machine, hoping it’d be as good as the previous one, and they were happy with their decision. The review goes on to talk about how it looks cheaper than the older model, but works perfectly. This customer bakes different kinds of loaves using this machine and they’ve all turned out the way they wanted since they began to use it.

This user has just one complaint though. They used the machine for years without any issues, until stuff began to stick to the paddle, which was supposed to be a nonstick paddle. However, this wasn’t enough to give this machine anything less than a perfect rating as Oster reached out and replaced the paddle for free. This is most likely an isolated issue, and most users of this machine are unlikely to experience an issue with their paddles. This review was posted a few years ago and the author of the review hasn’t updated it to complain about any further issues with their replaced paddle, which leads me to believe that the problem didn’t recur.

Another user from Canada mentioned with enthusiasm that even though the machine has basic features, it has everything you need to bake wonderful loaves. They expressed their satisfaction with the size of the machine, noting that it is compact and just the right size for them. This same user used to own an expensive model that cost them hundreds of dollars to purchase, and according to them, this Oster machine bakes bread that is just as good as the ones baked with the expensive machine. The extra features on the expensive machine are the only difference between both, and they never used any of the extra features anyway.

I’m not implying that extra features are useless. They can be extremely useful, but not everyone needs them because not everyone is interested in making fancy loaves. Some people just want a machine that bakes excellently without the bells and whistles of expensive machines, and this user happens to be one of them.

“Works great” are the words that begin another review from a completely satisfied user. This customer had bought 3 bread machines in the past and this is their 4th one, so they obviously have a lot of experience with these appliances. After a month of use, the machine continues to function well, making dough and bread with no issues at all. This customer had a lot of good things to say about this machine. They talked about how compact it is, a plus which the previous reviewer also mentioned. This customer also likes how relatively quiet it is in light of their previous machine and how they can begin to enjoy their loaf of bread within an hour thanks to the quick cycle feature.

Oster CKSTBR9050 ExpressBake

This product is very similar to the one reviewed above. Its wattage is also 650 watts, and it has a white exterior which is, needless to say, beautiful. It’s also a large appliance capable of making 2-pound loaves, and therefore suitable for large families. Making a variety of dough, bread, and jam is possible with this bread maker thanks to its 13 preprogrammed settings which make the process much easier. The settings available are basic, quick bake, gluten-free, French, dough, whole wheat, pasta, sweet, jam, bake, cake, and the proprietary expressbake feature, which is available for 1-pound and 1.5-pound loaves.

This model is easy to use, even for those new to making bread at home. There are a variety of buttons on its panel for activating the features you want and a clear, easy-to-read display that relays vital information, such as the selected loaf size and the selected crust color. Of course, the display makes using the machine much like using a smartphone – very easy to use. The buttons present on the panel include the start and stop button, the plus and minus buttons for increasing or reducing digits (for example while setting up the timer), the menu selection button, the loaf size selection button, and the crust color button.

There are 3 crust colors you can choose from – the light crust color, medium crust color, and dark crust color, so you can customize your loafs according to your taste. If you’ve read the first review above, then the expressbake feature is no longer new to you. As you already know, when selected, this feature turbocharges this product to produce bread in less than an hour. It’s such an important feature and one that anyone who owns this appliance would appreciate.

Programming this machine to produce bread at the exact time when you need so you can have a fresh, hot loaf of bread is easy thanks to its timer, which you can program for up to 13 hours into the future. If you wish to see how your bread bakes or check the progress of the machine, the viewing window is a feature that will come in handy in those moments.

This model shares much of the same features as the one reviewed above, and a has similar price tag. That said, the former was manufactured one year after the latter and has 13 preprogrammed settings as opposed to the 12 on the latter. I’d recommend this one over the other one reviewed above just for the extra 1 setting on it. If the extra setting isn’t important to you, then just pick the machine with the better design. You’ll be paying the same price anyway, so you’re better off picking the one you like the most.

The other features on this appliance are the signal which notifies you when it’s time to add nuts, fruits and other mix-ins, the nonstick baking plan that is not only easy to clean but facilitates even heating, and the removable lid which makes cleanup easier. You get a measuring cup and spoon for free when you buy this Oster product.

Customer Opinions

So, the first review I’m going to talk about is from someone that bought this model for her mom to replace her old machine, and it didn’t just work as expected, her mum loved it too. Her mom uses this product in an interesting way. Instead of adding her ingredients and letting the machine go all the way from kneading to producing a freshly baked loaf of bread, she simply uses it for kneading alone. Then she rises it and bakes it herself, same way you would have done it if bread machines didn’t exist. That doesn’t take away from the machine though, because it could complete the baking process perfectly if she wanted to let it do all the work.

This reviewer uses this model too, not just her mom. She uses it in a simple way, making use of only the basic and expressbake settings. As expected, she loves the expressbake feature because it expedites the process. According to her timer, it takes just 58 minutes to bake bread using the expressbake setting, which is 2 minutes better than the promised 1-hour bake time from Oster. Another thing she loves about this appliance is how easy it is to clean. Within a few minutes, you could be making another loaf due to how easy it is to clean. Another benefit she mentioned is the two paddles the product comes with, so while one is in use, the other can be cleaned and readied for use again.

Another reviewer mentioned that they decided to buy this model just because they wanted to try gluten-free bread, and since this model has a gluten-free setting, they decided to try it out. This reviewer is completely new to baking and doesn’t even cook, yet they were able to use this appliance to produce delicious loaves of bread. Apparently, this reviewer was surprised at how easy it is to use this machine, because, according to them, they also don’t use kitchen appliances frequently. Some of you reading this could also be new to baking, so this is a huge plus if you’re just getting your feet wet.

The last review I’ll talk about is from a user that described using this appliance as a 3-step process – add ingredients, select the bread type you want, and push the start button. The same user recommended simply following the recipes and instructions and you won’t have any issues with the machine.

There are a couple of not-so-good reviews of this product on Amazon. but this is an almost 4.5-star rated product at the time of writing this and you really have nothing to lose since your purchase is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Oster Bread Maker (2114579) With ExpressBake

So, at the time of writing this, this is the latest from Oster, and it has a new, improved design. It’s an appliance that will wow you at first sight, its impressive design is just one of the reasons why it will. You already know about the expressbake feature that bakes bread in less than an hour, which this machine also possesses. The preprogrammed baking settings on this appliance are 12 in number, and they include a gluten-free setting so you can make gluten-free bread if you want. As far as customizing your baking results go, you also get 3 crust options to choose from – light, medium, and dark.

This product is not just a bread maker, it’s also a cake maker and a jam maker, thanks to the settings it comes with. There are also settings for nut and fruit bread and yogurt. Here’s are all the bread settings included in this product basic, whole grain, oatmeal, yogurt, dough, bake, cake, jam, sweet, gluten-free, French, and express bake. Like most home bread makers, this machine makes 2-pound loaves, and it can also make 1.5-pound loaves. While baking, you can easily see what’s going on in the machine through the handy viewing window. An automatic dispenser lets you add all your fruits, nuts, and other special ingredients to your bread automatically without you having to lift a finger.

Additional features of this product include its programmable delay timer that delays up to 13 hours so you can time it to produce a fresh loaf of bread when you want it, whether it’s late in the evening after work, or early in the morning. There’s also a keep warm feature that keeps your loaves from going cold for 1 hour. The best part of this feature is that it works automatically, so you don’t need to worry about activating it or forgetting to do so. Your bread will always remain fluffy and warm for 1 hour after it’s fully baked without any extra action on your part.

This machine is so easy to use thanks to its buttons and bright display, and the reviews attest to this. There area buttons on the machine for selecting loaf size, starting and stopping the machine, adjusting timer settings, crust color, and a menu button for accessing the range of menu options provided by Oster. All these make baking bread a piece of cake with this machine.

Customer Opinions

One reviewer published a funny review in which they said it’s so simple to use this bread maker that it feels wrong. That’s really funny, and fantastic at the same time. Any appliance that does its job perfectly and is easy to use is definitely worth the money. Another reviewer corroborated how easy this machine is to use, stating that the directions are easy to understand and follow. She also mentioned that the bread bake times on the recipe book are very accurate, so if the recipe book says your loaf will be ready in an hour, then get ready to enjoy a fresh loaf of bread in an hour.

This reviewer’s loaves turned out great, just like tons of other users of this model. One of them replaced his 5-year old bread maker with this one and this appliance gives him as much satisfaction as he got from the last one. He went on to talk about how this machine is smaller than his older model but produces loaves of the same size (2 pounds), wondering how they crammed so many amazing functions into a small machine. He also talked about how products such as this make bread making so easy, particularly for those new to it. He ended his review by recommending this bread maker to anyone in need of a high quality bread maker that isn’t expensive and comes from a reliable brand.

What to Expect from Oster Bread Makers

Oster makes great bread makers, so they are definitely worth the money. I’d go for the newer model, which is the last product reviewed in this article. However, the older models do a great job of making bread as well. If you buy the one of the older models, you’ll miss out on some new features, like the automatic ingredients dispenser. If that doesn’t bother you, then go ahead. I guess what I’m trying to say is, these are all great machines. Whichever of them you choose, you won’t be making a mistake, but I highly recommend the latest model (2114579).