My Review of the KitchenArm 85203 Bread Maker

I have to admit – KitchenArm has made this product so attractive by emphasizing its 29-in-1 tag. Most consumers or potential buyers would immediately get curious regarding those 29 features as soon as they see that in the title of a product they’re considering buying, and I got curious too, so I decided to check it out, and here’s my review.

This product is a great choice if you’re interested in making fresh, healthy loaves at home. It’s a fully customizable appliance that sits in a steel housing with a large 2.5-inch display that makes utilizing the features so easy. If you’ve ever had a model that didn’t come with a screen, you’ll recognize and appreciate the value of a screen on one.

It’s not all the time you’ll want to make a 1-pound loaf or a 2-pound loaf. Sometimes, you’ll want a 1-pound loaf, sometimes you’ll want 2, and at other times you’ll need 1.5, and that’s why KitchenArm offers you these 3 loaf sizes because they know how important flexibility is as regards baking at home. You also get to choose from 3 crust colors – light, medium, and dark – depending on how you like your loaf to look.

If you made your loaf too early or you suddenly don’t feel like consuming it right away, you can take advantage of the 1-hour keep-warm feature provided with this product so your loaf stays warm until you’re ready to take it out of the machine. Plain bread can be really delicious and I like to make it sometimes, but occasionally, I like to spruce it up with add-ins too as I try different recipes all the time and sometimes the recipe calls for it.

Thankfully, this machine alerts you when it’s time to put in your fruits, nuts, and other add-ins, so it takes the guesswork out of that aspect of baking, which is a huge plus. 

The 29-in-1 feature KitchenArm tagged this appliance with refers to the 29 menus available on this machine. The options are so vast you can make anything you want regardless of the recipe. If a bread maker can do it, then this machine is equal to the task. The cycles available include whole wheat, keto, Frech, gluten-free, sweet, basic white, yogurt, jam, cake, dough, Spanish, salt-free, and more. Also, there’s a special menu item among the 29 called the homemade menu.

The homemade menu lets you create a fully custom cycle and gives you control over the knead, rest, rise, and bake times so it works perfectly with your recipe. I also like how the machine saves all of your settings for the next use, such as the loaf size you selected, the crust color, and more so that the next time you use the machine with that cycle activated, all of your previously selected options will be active. Therefore, if you want to make bread using the same recipe you used the last time, you only have to click one button (START) after adding your ingredients.

This KitchenArm 85203 includes all the accessories you’ll need – a nonstick pan, a metal hook, 2 cup/spoon sets, and a spare paddle. If you do decide to buy this machine, you’ll be more than happy you did. Click here to check it out on Amazon.