KBS MBF-010 Bread Maker Review

If I were asked to mention just one remarkable quality of the KBS MBF-010 bread maker, I’d say it’s packed with tons of features. This is a fully-featured product that not only provides you with everything you need to make high quality loaves at home, but one that will continue to do so for years upon years thanks to its durability. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

I’d like to start with the cycles on this machine just to give you a good idea of what this machine is capable of. It comes with 17 different cycles, and these include most of the cycles you’d expect to find in a conventional bread maker, if not all, like jam, cake, sweet, etc. It also has a few special ones, like raw dough, leaven dough, and yogurt, and it comes with a recipe booklet to guide you on how to make a variety of recipes, cake, and anything else you wish to make with this machine. 

It supports 3 loaf sizes, 1, 1.5, and 2lb loaf sizes, so you can make a loaf for yourself as a single individual or for a small or large family. Making these loaves is way easier thanks to two things: its automatic nut and fruit dispenser and its touch buttons. Yes, prepare to start operating your appliance with the same ease as you do your smartphone if you do decide to purchase this wonderful product.

The pan in the KBS MBF-010 is a nonstick one, as you’d expect. It’s also a ceramic one, so it promotes even baking across your loaf. Another feature that promotes even baking is the 360-degree surround baking feature, which also has the added advantage of keeping your crusts thinner, whether you pick light, medium, or dark crusts, and also producing fluffier loaves.

When the supply of power is cut off, this machine will keep the memory of the current baking process for up to 15 minutes until power is restored. It also keeps your loaves warm for up to an hour after baking is done, and this happens automatically. While we’re talking about time and timer features, I’d like to also add that you can delay-start this machine for up to 15 hours, giving you the ability to program the machine to produce fresh loaves for you at any time you want. When you feel like checking on your baking progress, you’ll find the large viewing window on its lid quite handy. 

The consumer ratings of the KBS MBF-010 model have been largely positive, so if you feel this is the right machine for you, I recommend you click here now to buy it at the best price and read customer reviews from real users like me.