Want a Hamilton Beach Bread Maker? Read These Reviews First!

Before I begin reviewing the Hamilton Beach bread makers available on the market today, I’d like to tell you a bit about the company’s history. Did you know that Hamilton Beach is a combination of two names of two different early employees of the company? The founder of the company, Frederick J. Osius, founded the company is 1910 in Wisconsin and employed two men to work for him — Louis Hamilton, who was employed to work as the advertising manager, and Chester Beach, who was employed to work as the company’s mechanic. Osuis had no intention of naming the company after himself, so he named it after both employees and paid them a thousand dollars each for the right to use their names. Imagine that happening today – the payments would probably be in the hundreds of thousands.

Osius was an inventor too, so most of the products sold under the Hamilton Beach brand were invented by him. Three years after the company was founded, Hamilton and Beach left and started their own company. Nine years later, Osius sold the company to Scovill Manufacturing. As Hamilton Beach continued to grow and expand, their product range followed suit. They started with milkshake machines and drink mixers — now they produce bread machines, toasters, coffee makers, deep fryers, juicers, rice cookers, and pretty much any kitchen appliance you can think of.

Reviews of Hamilton Beach Bread Makers

Hamilton Beach 2 LB Bread Maker (29882)

Making fresh homemade bread has gotten so easy thanks to appliances such as this one. This Hamilton Beach machine has simplified the process down to 3 steps. The first step is pretty obvious, and you guessed right, it’s the step where you add the ingredients required for the type of bread you’re making. The second step is selecting your cycle, and the last step is pressing the start button to begin the process of baking your delicious loaf. This machine gives you access to 12 different cycles and they include a gluten-free cycle for those that follow gluten-free diets. The other cycles available on the machine are basic white bread, French bread, sweet bread, quick bread without yeast, 1.5 lb express, 2 lb express, whole grain, jam, bake, and cake.

This machine doesn’t just bake, it can be used to make dough too. If you feel like making yeast dough so you can bake it in a conventional oven, you can use this product for that. This means making those dinner rolls or pizza crusts will be a breeze thanks to this machine. This machine gives you total freedom over what kind of bread you eat. If you dislike bread that contains preservatives, trans fat, and other potentially harmful substances, you’re going to fall in love with this appliance because you can have fresh bread whenever you want and improve your health at the same time.

This possesses a fair number of useful features that will come in handy while using it. It has a delay timer that gives you the freedom to add the ingredients for your loaf into the machine and program it to start baking at a later time. Its large display makes it easy to use other features of the machine, such as selecting a cycle, selecting a crust color (light, medium, dark), and selecting your desired loaf size.

When you have this machine in your possession, you won’t have to worry about what to bake. Hamilton Beach has eliminated that potential problem by including more than 25 recipes with this machine so you can get started baking right away. When the baking process is complete, cleaning is a breeze thanks to its dishwasher-safe and non-stick pan. It also comes with two kneading paddles, so you won’t have to wash it each time you need to bake (one can be in use while the other is being cleaned in the dishwasher).

I really like the look of this machine. It looks really good and will do so in any kitchen. It comes in white and black and I can’t say which looks better. Both are great colors for a kitchen appliance, so just go with the color that suits your kitchen better.

Customer Opinions

According to a reviewer who claims to have been baking for more than 70 years and learned how to bake from his grandpa, a professional baker, this doesn’t disappoint. He’s been using bread makers for more than 30 years and so has a lot of experience with them. He’d had this particular machine for a couple of weeks when he wrote this review and had made many loaves with it, all of which turned out as expected based on Hamilton Beach’s adverts.

I mentioned earlier that this appliance comes with a recipe book so you can get started baking as soon as you get the machine. This reviewer made his loaves using the very same recipes in this recipe book. He also tried out a couple of the cycles, including the express cycle which bakes a loaf in approximately 58 minutes, as opposed to the normal baking time of 3 hours. He went on to mention several advantages of this machine, such as its quietness, and how convenient it is to use. He concluded his review with an affirmation that it was his honest opinion and there’s no incentive behind it.

The second top reviewer was dissatisfied with his purchase, but this isn’t because the product didn’t function as advertised. Based on his review, he never used it so doesn’t know whether it works well or not. The product he received was incomplete because the mixing paddles were missing in the package. Amazon refused to accept a return, so he’s obviously not satisfied. Nevertheless, I’m sure this was a rare occurrence because Amazon usually accepts returns for defective or incomplete products, so I don’t know what went wrong in this case.

At the time of writing this, this appliance had a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, so the next review was expectedly favorable. This mom of two called this machine a life saver. Why? Because her two kids and husband are on gluten-free diets. The former have a certain disease that causes gluten intolerance, and the latter has high gluten sensitivity. With the help of this machine and a cookbook for gluten-free bread, they’ve been able to make gluten-free bread at home cheaper than it would cost them to buy regular gluten-free loaves, which are half the size of non-gluten-free loaves and cost twice the price.

This reviewer had bought this machine specifically for its ability to make gluten-free bread and it has performed excellently so far. She doesn’t actually use the gluten-free cycle even though she tried it out once and it did the job perfectly. Instead, she uses the express cycle, probably because speed is important and she wants her loaves ready as soon as possible. The highlights of the next review are consistency and convenience. As you already know, with a bread maker, you just need to add your ingredients and it takes care of the rest. This reviewer has made French toast, white buttermilk bread, and whole wheat bread and they all tasted good, even though she’s new to bread making. She’s completely satisfied and is eager to try out more recipes and even create her own recipes in the future.

Hamilton Beach 2 LB Artisan Bread Maker (29885)

This black and stainless steel-colored appliance looks really nice and has most of the features you’d expect to see in an appliance of this nature. It’s called an artisan bread maker because it’s designed to help you make the best loaves possible at home in 3 simple steps – adding your ingredients as recommended in the recipe you’re following, selecting the relevant cycle intended for the particular type of bread you’re baking, and pressing the start button to start the machine.

There are 14 preprogrammed cycles on this machine and they are as follows: gluten-free, French, rise and artisan basic, artisan, bake, cake, dough, jam, rise, sweet, quick bread, whole grain, 1.5 lb express, and 2 lb express. When the machine is done baking and you wish to keep your bread warm for a while before eating it, there’s a keep warm feature that does this for you so your bread stays warm and fresh until you’re ready to eat it.

Customizing the look of your loaves is easy thanks to the crust selection feature. You can choose from 3 different crust shades, as with most models that have this feature. The crust shade options are dark crust, medium crust, and light crust. This machine has the capacity to bake up to 2 lb loaves, and if you want less than that, you can also have that. I like how it’s capable of making 1 lb and 1.5 lb loaves as well. If you’re currently single or have a small family, a 1 lb loaf might be sufficient for you. And if your family grows, you won’t need to get a new one since you can make bigger loaves with this machine.

This machine also has a few other important features. One of these features is the delay timer which can be really useful if you want to prepare the ingredients for a loaf you intend to eat later. For example, if I want to have a loaf as part of my breakfast, I could prepare and add the ingredients to it at night and set the timer to start baking at dawn. This means you don’t have to bake when you need fresh bread. Just set the timer and you’ll have a fresh loaf whenever you want.

This model comes with a good number of accessories to make bread making convenient for you. It comes with a paddle removal tool, a kneading paddle, a measuring cup, and a measuring spoon. All of these items are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up will be stress-free. Another feature that makes cleaning easy is the easy-to-remove nonstick bread pan. You can lift it out for easy cleaning and for easy bread removal. There’s an LCD display on this machine, so operating it is easy, and its interface is intuitive. Features are selected and activated using the buttons on both sides of the display.

This appliance makes getting started so easy with its user guide. It’s easy to understand and doesn’t just tell you how to use the machine, but offers you recipes and baking tips from Hamilton Beach Test Kitchen. If you want a stylish model that bakes excellent bread with a nice stainless steel design that will complement any kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Customer Opinions

One of the top reviews of this product is from a man who bought this machine for his wife. His wife is sensitive to gluten and they’ve been buying gluten-free loaves from a store. However, they had to stop buying after the store changed the size of their loaves, which they weren’t satisfied with. So they thought, what better way to get gluten-free loaves in the exact loaf size they want than making it themselves? He ended up buying this machine and they’re both happy about their purchase.

His wife likes how their homemade gluten-free bread tastes better than the loaves they used to get from the store. They also like that the loaves are taller too, which means they can use larger slices for sandwiches or toast. He’s so satisfied with this machine that he intends to expand its use by buying another tray to bake standard loaves for himself since he isn’t sensitive to gluten and this would help with preventing cross-contamination.

Another reviewer mentioned that they’ve had two in the past and this is their third one, and the first one they used was from the same brand – Hamilton Beach. They made their first loaf with the machine and it turned out perfect, but the second loaf they made was much better than the first because they paid more attention to the instructions while making the second loaf, and probably due to the experience gained from using the machine the first time. The loaf they made was gluten-free and they loved it.

Someone else mentioned that this machine is way less noisy than the ones they’ve had in the past, and it’s also very stable. It doesn’t move around while it bakes, compared to his previous machine. His previous machine once gouged out a hole in his floor after falling off the kitchen island and it wasn’t even close to the edge of the kitchen island while he was using it. That can be really annoying and a bread maker that doesn’t skid during use is a breath of fresh air.

The reviews aren’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. There are a few negative reviews that are quite concerning. One of them talked about how they got a defective model that began to emit smoke during the first use. Another related how it started an electrical fire in his home after 3 months of use. Probably another defective model, but it’s important to take note of this if you’re considering buying this product.

Hamilton Beach 2 LB Premium Dough & Bread Maker (29888)

This machine has the classic design of bread makers and is chock full of features to make your baking experience a pleasant one. It’s designed to produce fresh homemade bread in 3 steps, just like the other models reviewed above, and like most available on the market today, so nothing special about that. Since this machine has a 2 LB loaf capacity, it can make all the loaf sizes under 2 LB, namely 1 lb and 1.5 lb loaves. It also offers you 3 crust options – light, medium, and dark.

There are 14 cycles to choose from on this machine, so it’s got you covered no matter what you wish to use it for. With this machine, you can make gluten free bread, basic bread, sweet bread, and French bread by selecting the corresponding cycles. Other cycles available on the machine are quick bread without yeast, express bake cycles for 1.5 lb and 2 lb loaves, artisan dough, cake cycle, jam cycle, bake, and rise. This machine also has the handy automatic dispenser feature for fruits and nuts.

This feature enables you to add your mix-ins to the machine and the machine dispenses them into your dough at the right time instead of waiting around and doing it yourself when it’s time. B becomes truly handsfree with this feature after adding all the ingredients to the machine and choosing your settings. Cleaning up is as easy as it can get thanks to the dishwasher-safe paddle and bread pan and the nonstick property of the bread pan.

This machine is designed to make baking as easy as possible. It has a viewing window you can look through to monitor the progress of the machine, and a delay timer so you can program the machine to start baking at a particular time of the day so you’ll have a fresh loaf at the exact time you want it. It also has an LCD display that makes selecting and activating features fast and easy.

The display also gives you important information like the currently selected cycle, crust color, and the really useful countdown timer that tells you exactly how much longer you have to wait until your loaf is ready. This is a really nice feature and one that I think should be on all models. There’s a knob on the panel and a few buttons for operating the machine. It’s not complicated in any way and it comes with an instruction manual if you need any help. The manual also contains some recipes to get you started, but you can buy a cookbook if you’re keen on experimenting and trying out lots of new recipes.

Customer Opinions

One of the top reviews of this product is from a top 500 reviewer on Amazon, and she mentioned in her review that she has fallen in love with this machine due to how easy it is to use and how sleek it looks. She likes the premium look of the stainless steel model which is the one available on Amazon, but she doesn’t like the fingerprints her fingers leave on it, which are quite visible. The adjective “easy” doesn’t just apply to the use of the machine, but to the instruction manual as well.

If you’re new to bread making at home, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to read and understand the instruction manual, which means getting started will be a breeze with no learning curve. You’ll probably need a cookbook if you don’t already have one as this reviewer thought, which led to her getting hers. There are enough recipes to get you started in the manual, but a cookbook will give you way more options to try out as regards recipes. This reviewer’s first loaf was a basic loaf and, according to her, her home smelled like a bakery after making this loaf, and this can only mean one thing which she confirmed in her review. The loaf looked and tasted wonderful.

Another reviewer commented on the aesthetics of the machine. It truly looks beautiful and you’ll thank yourself over and over every time you look at it that the money you paid for it was well spent. This reviewer also addressed some comments from some of the negative reviews about this machine being difficult to use and refuted the claims by affirming that this model is not just easy to use, but intuitive as well. They went on to prove how easy it is to use by mentioning that it’s their first bread maker, yet they were able to make their first loaf without any difficulties. “Makes awesome bread” and “looks amazing” were their last comments on this machine.

Over to You

Now it’s easier than it’s ever been to pick the right Hamilton Beach bread maker to buy. You just need to read the reviews, take note of the features, prices, and designs of each machines, and decide on which one to buy based on these 3 criteria. If I were shopping for a Hamilton Beach machine, I’d probably pick the first machine reviewed above, the 29882 model, which happens to be the second cheapest of the bunch. The other two are great options too, though. The last one (29888) is the most expensive one.