Reviews of Cuisinart Bread Makers – Detailed Reviews of the Top Cuisinart Machines

Cuisinart is a big brand in the sphere of kitchen appliances. Their bread makers are designed with one main purpose in mind – to enable you bring the bakery to your kitchen with the help of a variety of automatic bread makers, or machines if you will.

Whether you wish to make bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, or avocado toast, all of this and more is possible with a Cuisinart model. Cuisinart models also let you make exactly the kind of bread you want. You can choose from different loaf sizes and crust colors. There are also more than 100 combinations of bread, jam, dough, and cake combinations.

Cuisinart models are machines that will come in handy more frequently than you think. Your family and friends will appreciate the presence of one of these products in your kitchen each time they taste one of the delicious meals made with the help of these machines.

Cuisinart was founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer, and the very first product they produced and sold on the American market was the Cuisinart food processor. Although sales were slow in the beginning, they began to sell a significantly higher number of units after getting reviewed on Gourmet magazine.

Today, Cuisinart has grown to become a household name that is immediately recognized by anyone with even an iota of interest in kitchen appliances.

Reviews of Cuisinart Bread Makers

There are several of these on the market and I’m going to review the top ones so you can choose the best one for you if this is the brand you want.

Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection

This appliance looks really simple but packs a ton of features in its 16 pounds of weight. It has a gluten-free menu option and a low carb menu option too, which Cuisinart claims are exclusive to their bread makers. There are 14 other menu options as well, bringing the total to 16. These menu options are basically pre-programmable recipes that the user selects before they begin using the machine. You pick according to your recipe.

The other 14 recipes are white, rapid white, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, quick bread cake, rapid French/Italian, French/Italian, bake only, jam, last minute loaf, sweet breads, dough/pizza dough, and artisan dough. This product has a digital display that makes it as easy as possible to pick your recipe.

Aside from the 16 preprogrammed options, there are 3 loaf size options to choose from and 3 crust colors to pick from, and that’s not all. This machine offers more than 100 bread, cake, jam, and dough combinations so you can get exactly what you want out of the product.

Cuisinart has also included a special menu option in this machine. The function of this special option is to produce rustic crusts and chewier textures. This is achieved by putting basic dough through several slow and long cool rises. If you think the menu options are all this machine has to offer, you’re wrong. It has more. It has sound.

The Cuisinart CBK-200 plays an audible tone to notify you that it’s time to add nuts, fruits, and anything else you wish to mix into your dough. If you wish to shape the unbaked dough with your hand or remove the paddle before the baking process begins, the machine plays another tone that indicates when it’s time to perform these actions. That’s really convenient as it takes the guesswork out of the baking process.

This is a convection bread maker, and the word convection, in non-technical terms, means the machine circulates air in order to achieve superior texture and crust colors compared to the result you would get if the convection feature was absent.

This appliance has other advanced features and they are all accessible via buttons on its panel. These features include a 12-hour delay option that programs the appliance to start after the specified time, and a timer option. It also has a 15-minute pause option and a stop option, and both of these options share one button. There’s a loaf button, a crust button, and a menu button to give you access to the menu. The start button gets the machine running, and the mix-ins button does what its name implies.

One other important feature of this product that I haven’t mentioned yet is its power failure backup feature. When you purchase this machine, your purchase is backed by a 3-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.

Customer Opinions

Reviews of this product are largely favorable. It has a good rating on Amazon as well. One customer mentioned that the flaws other customers described in their reviews are not real, and that he doesn’t agree with their complaints. He went ahead to say that his unit, which he’s had for several months, works perfectly and since he bought it, he’s used it to make lots of bread, and no week goes by without him making at least one loaf with the Cuisinart CBK-200 model..

One of the complaints other customers had about this model is its noise. However, this customer debunked this complaint. According to him, he hears little to no noise while using his machine. It can be a little bit noisy while kneading, but “little bit” is the key phrase here, meaning that the noise is so little it won’t bother you. He concluded his review by saying that as long as you follow the instructions, you won’t have any trouble with this bread maker.

Another reviewer had a fairly good first experience due to their own fault. They added too much water and their first loaf turned out too wet. So they made another loaf with a lower amount of water and it turned out perfect. This same reviewer also made banana walnut bread, beer bread, oatmeal bread, and mozzarella sun died tomato bread and the machine performed as expected.

Then they made pizza dough and added garlic and Italian seasoning using the add-ins function (that’s what the reviewer called it but the button is actually labelled mix-ins). After the product completed the job, the reviewer was elated that they can now enjoy fresh baked pizza that turned out exactly how they wanted it to.

According to this reviewer, it takes just one loaf to get all the settings right. By the time you’re making your second loaf, you already understand the settings enough to not make any mistakes. They went on to advice other customers to take the loaf out of the machine carefully to avoid impact.

A bread maker in your kitchen means you no longer have to consume bread filled with preservatives. The commercially available loaves have been filled with preservatives to extend their shelf life, and you can’t blame the bakeries. However, you have the option to avoid them and probably extend your own life in the process, and eat much better bread too. It’s a no-brainer which option is ideal for you.

Cuisinart CBK-100 Compact Automatic

This is the smaller and less powerful version of the CBK-200, and it has less features as a result, but it’s still a very good product. It has the advantage of being compact as well, and weighs just 2 pounds. Its design is similar to the CBK-200. It’s an older model and the CBK-200 is intended to supersede it, so I’d recommend the CBK-200 over this one if you wish to purchase a Cuisinart appliance.

This bread maker has 12 preprogrammed options for users, and they include cake, whole wheat, dough, French/Italian, jam, bake-only, packet mix, gluten free, sweet, pasta dough, and rapid bake. In terms of preprogrammed options, there isn’t a lot that separate this one from the newer model. Only 4 new options have been added. However, in terms of functionality and results, the newer model is better.

The Cuisinart CBK-100 has other options to make bread making easy and convenient. It has a delay timer which allows you to delay the machine for up to 13 hours, and 3 crust settings. It also has a viewing window so you can check on your bread without having to open the lid. The lid is a removable one and I’m not sure if that’s an important feature, but I thought you should know. A paddle is included for easier and faster cleanup after you’re done with the machine, and the handles of the machine are stay-cool handles and you probably know what that means – no risk of burning your palms or fingers while using this appliance.

A couple of other items are also included with the product. One of them is a measuring spoon which will definitely come in handy during your baking sessions. Another is a measuring cup which has a similar function to the measuring spoon. If you are recipe-starved, you can take advantage of the recipes that come with this appliance or look up some online. By the way, this machine is capable of baking 1-pound loaves, 1-1/2 pound loaves, and 2-pound loaves.

Just like the newer model, this machine also has the power failure backup feature. It may interest you to know that it also has a removable pan and kneading paddle.

Customer Opinions

One of the top reviews of this appliance is from a reviewer that has owned this machine for about 5 years, and uses it a few times a month, and sometimes several times a week. Although he has a few complaints about it, he’s mostly satisfied with its performance over the years. Starting with the complaints, according to him, the manual is missing a table, which unsurprisingly, is present in the CBK-200’s manual. The second complaint has to do with the dough cycle. The product doesn’t let you use the delay timer feature when this option is selected. There are a few other minor complaints in his review, but nothing too serious.

The upsides of this model as stated by the reviewer are pretty much all the features already mentioned. There are a few unique ones though, like durability. Not much else proves the durability of an appliance than a positive review from a someone who has owned and used it for almost 5 years.

Another reviewer talked about how this model makes bread making easy. Making bread can be a bit intimidating, but for this user, that’s no longer the case thanks to this machine. She talks about how durable Cuisinart bread makers can be, citing her friend’s machine that has been in use for more than 20 years. She bought hers, and followed a secret recipe that was passed down to her by her parents, and with the dough setting made some rolls.

She was ecstatic about how the machine did all the hard work for her, including mixing the dough and kneading it. Even though this can take a while, it’s very easy to make stuff with a bread maker because it doesn’t require hours of activity in the kitchen. The majority of the tasks are performed by the machine, so even though it took this reviewer 4 hours to make her rolls, she didn’t have to stay in the kitchen for hours working thanks to the bread machine.

Cuisinart CBK-110 New Compact Automatic

Want a newer version of the CBK-100? Then check out this one. The CBK-110 comes with many of the same features that the former possesses, but it has a better design than the former. When I viewed it, I was drawn to it more than I was drawn to the CBK-100. This machine is powered by Cuisinart’s quality technology, which is geared towards making bread makers that produce loaves with superior color, crust, and texture. It offers 3 crust options to users, and these options are dark, medium, and light.

This machine is capable of baking loaves of 3 sizes – 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound loaves. Therefore, if you own this machine, you can bake a small loaf for yourself alone or bake a large 2-pound loaf for your family or guests. In other words, whether you’re single, have a small family, or have a larger family, this bread machine will suit your needs. In addition to the loaf options, it also has 12 preprogrammed menu options so you can make exactly the kind of loaf you want in accordance with your recipe. These menu options include white, French, whole wheat, gluten-free, sweet, ultra-fast, bake, cake, and package mix.

There are buttons for starting and stopping the machine, selecting the size of your loaf, selecting the crust color, programming the machine, and adjusting options on the machine’s well laid out panel, which also includes its clear LCD that not only makes using and programming the machine easier, but also gives you all the useful information you need while using the machine, such as the current cycle, the timer, and the currently selected bread making options.

Since this is a compact machine, it is counter-friendly and its design is just lovely. I just like how it’s so unique compared to the CBK-100 and CBK-200 that look similar to each other. The CBK-110 has a vertical baking pan and that’s one of the features that made its compact design easier to implement. Its lid has a viewing window so if you like looking at your loaf as it bakes, you’ll fully appreciate the viewing window as well as the interior light that brightens the interior of the machine so you can see things more clearly.

The pan and kneading paddle in this machine are both made of non-stick material and are removable too, so you won’t have any trouble cleaning the pan or paddle. While using this machine, you’ll know when it’s time to remove the paddle, when it’s time to add mix-ins, and when the baking cycle is complete, all thanks to the audible tones the machine produces to give you these signals.

Other important features of this machine include its 60-minute keep warm cycle that keeps your loaf warm for that long after it’s done baking and the 13-hour timer whose purpose you already know.

Note: The CBK-110 is a newer version of the CBK-110C which shares the same features as the CBK-110. Click here to view the older version (CBK-110C).

Customer Opinions

So, according to the top reviewer, the first thing that piqued their interest in this machine is its design. I talked about how this was the case for me too, and how I loved its design so much. The reviewer went on to praise the machine for its small footprint and how it matches other appliances in their kitchen. This reviewer mentioned that prior to purchasing this product, they were skeptical about the ability of its vertical baking pan to bake loaves evenly, but it turned out to be excellent after they tried it out.

The reviewer talked about how this machine bakes thoroughly and evenly on all crust settings and how this is the best machine they’ve bought in the last 25 years since they began to make bread at home using bread makers. Another reviewer mentioned that his wife loves the machine because it’s so easy to use. He ironically mentioned a flaw of the machine, which is the sweet smell of baking bread making you hungrier and impatient to finally devour the bread. As funny as it is, that can actually be a flaw for some users – not a flaw of the machine itself though, but a flaw of the user not starting the baking process soon enough.

Where to Buy Cuisinart Bread Makers

I recommend buying from Amazon. There are several buying options for the CBK-200. Each one costs about $150 but for an extra $30 you can get the CBK-200 with a wooden bread board and an 8-inch bread knife. For the same price, you can also get it with a recipe book, measuring spoons, and an oven mitt instead of the bread board and bread knife. The CBK-100 and the CBK-110 are also available at the best prices on Amazon.

Over to You

Cuisinart bread makers are designed to make baking a breeze. Since these are all automatic machines, they perform all the tasks involved in making bread automatically. Each of these machines will mix, knead, rise, and bake automatically. They can also keep your loaves, pizza, cakes, and anything else you’ve baked warm until you’re ready to serve them.

There’s also interior lighting which complements the viewing window in making monitoring stress-free while baking. One other noteworthy feature of these machines are their compact designs. They will fit on your countertops without taking up considerable amounts of space. I recommend you check these out if you want a bread machine that will last long and give you great value for your money.