Commercial stand mixers are designed to be powerful, efficient, and mix large amounts of ingredients in a single batch. Since they’re designed for businesses such as restaurants and bakeries, they carry a lot of power in their motors.

These mixers differ from each other, just like their household counterparts. Some of them can be used in households as well, while some will never find their way to your home, ever! You can expect to spend up to $500+ for commercial models all the way to $10,000.

commercial stand mixers
Waring Commercial Stand Mixer

Countertop and Floor Commercial Mixers

The countertop models are relatively smaller models that are placed on countertops, and these are the ones that can also be used in households where larger models are needed. They are also suitable for small businesses and range in capacity from 7-20 quarts.

Floor units are designed to handle much harder mixing tasks than the countertop ones because they have considerably large-capacity mixing bowls. You can find 30-quart all the way to 60-quart machines in this product range.

Floor units contain impressively powerful motors and can handle anything you throw at them. They’re basically limitless so long as you buy one that is appropriate for the demand for food in your business. Needless to say, you’ll never need to buy or have any use for these massive and extremely powerful mixers in your home.

Countertop models are produced by some of the most popular brands, like KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach.

KitchenAid’s commercial mixer is called the KitchenAid KSM8990NP. It’s a gear-driven machine that carries a lot of power and offers you 8-quarts of space in its mixing bowl. It has a bowl-lift design, 10 speed options, supports lots of different attachments, and comes with a spiral dough hook, stainless steel wire whip, and a flat beater.

There are two versions of this appliance — the one with a bowl guard and the one without. The bowl guard is useful for high traffic cafes and restaurants because it keep foreign items away from the bowl.

Hamilton Beach’s model is called the Hamilton Beach CPM800 8-Quart, so same capacity as the KitchenAid’s but different brand and features. Hamilton Beach’s mixer has a tilt-head design, all-metal gears which is important for the heavy tasks it handles, 7 speed options, additional pulse speed for more control, and more. It’s also packaged with a dough hook, flat beater, a wire whisk, and a bowl guard which functions as a splash shield.

You’ll also find similar models from other brands like Ankarsrum, Waring, Happybuy, and Intbuying.

Commercial Mixers Are Called That For A Reason

These stand mixers are designed to handle tough tasks, and therefore are built to last. They’re made with higher quality materials, come with heavy duty attachments, and powerful motors. If you don’t own a business in the food service industry, you can still consider purchasing one if you want a professional-quality appliance that will last a really long time and present little to no problems.

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