The Top Breadman Bread Makers For Awesome Homemade Bread

Breadman is all about bread machines and making bread. This is a company that is solely dedicated to manufacturing and selling these appliances. They have no other type of kitchen product or appliance listed on their website, and it seems they are a subsidiary company of Black and Decker. But like I said, this company is all about baking, and they have produced quite a few of these machines over the years. 

Since they have a lot of products on the market, it’s impossible for all the available models to perform well. What is much more likely is that some models will be better than others and loved by customers more than others. I’d refer to these as the top Breadman models on the market, and these are the models I’ll be reviewing in this article, starting with the best-selling one – the Breadman 2 lb Professional. Incidentally, Breadman also publishes recipes on their website to help customers get started with making their favorite types of bread or provide them with new recipes to try out, so you can check out their website if you’re curious as to the kinds of recipes they have on there.

Reviews of Breadman Bread Makers

Breadman BK1050S 2 lb Professional

I like how this machine is designed. Its outer appearance is a combo of two colors – stainless steel and black. There are handles and air vents on the sides as should be expected of any bread maker, and the list of programs it supports are embossed on its top panel. This appliance is the top-selling machine from Breadman currently, and it has an excellent customer rating too. There’s a viewing window on its top panel, an LCD display, and a set of buttons for operating the machine. The buttons on its panel can be used to access the menu, scroll through them, select a loaf size, start and stop the machine, and activate the timer.

The Breadman BK1050S can make loaves of 3 sizes – 1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb. It also offers you the standard 3 crust options on most machines of this kind – light, medium, and dark. It has 14 baking functions or programs to choose from so you can make a wide variety of bread types. The programs built into this machine are white bread, white rapid, whole wheat, French, French rapid, whole wheat rapid, quick, low carb, sweet, artisan dough, dough, jam, bake only, and gluten-free. If you don’t like to see holes in your loaf, you’ll be happy to learn that this machine has a collapsible kneading paddle. The purpose of this collapsible kneading paddle is as you guessed – to prevent holes in the bottom  of your loaf. Don’t worry about how to use it though. It collapses on its own before the baking process begins. 

This machine excels at baking evenly, just as it is designed to, so expect to take loaves out of this machine that have consistent textures and uniform crust colors. This also has the added advantage of giving your loaves excellent flavor, and that is something you’re going to enjoy a lot. Everyone loves the aroma of fresh baking bread. 

For extra convenience, a fruit and nut dispenser is included with this machine, so dispensing fruits and nuts will not require any extra effort on your part. As far as timers go, there’s a keep warm timer that keeps your loaf warm for an hour, and a delay timer for delaying the baking process for 15 hours or less, which gives you the ability to program the machine to produce your loaf at the exact time you want it. 

Breadman has you covered in the accessories department. If you do decide to buy this machine, you’ll get the recipe book with 80+ recipes to keep you busy, an adjustable measuring spoon, and a collapsible measuring cup. 

Customer Opinions

One of the reviewers mentioned that they had an old machine that had almost given out, and they read the reviews of this machine to find out if it was the right machine to buy to replace their old one. Apparently, they wanted to stick with Breadman machines, so they checked this one out and almost got discouraged by some of the negative reviews (there will always be these on every product, do your research before making a decision). They went ahead to purchase it anyway, followed all the instructions from Breadman on how to get started using their new machine, and made their first loaf, which came out perfect.

After making a lot of loaves, this reviewer posted their review of this product. They’ve had no problems with this machine according to them, and have nothing unfavorable to say about its performance. They did have one complaint, which is the viewing window being a little too small for them, which means an ample amount of light doesn’t get in, so getting a clear view of their loaf while it bakes is a little bit difficult without a flashlight. This review concluded with the phrase “excellent machine”.

Breadman TR2200C Ultimate

The bread machine geared towards the needs of artisan bakers and novice bakers alike, that gives you total flexibility and makes bread-making an easy and convenient activity. That’s how I’d describe this product to someone that isn’t familiar with it. Like most models on the market, there’s nothing really special about it, though. It has the same basic features you’ll find in most models. It can make 1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb loaves of bread, and comes with the following pre-programmed functions: white, whole wheat, French, fruit and nut, pizza dough, bake only, jam, dough, and Batter Breads™ . 

Its horizontal nonstick baking pan is easy to clean, thanks to its nonstick coating, which also means there’ll be no fuss in taking your loaf out of the pan when it’s ready. Breadman provides 110 recipes for this machine, so there are lots of options for buyers to explore and make use of. Its 60-minute power failure backup will keep a memory of the current cycle until power returns so your estimated bake time will stay constant even if there’s a power failure. This machine also has a delay timer that lets you delay it for up to 24 hours, and a fruit and nut dispenser.

You can pause this machine using the pause button on its panel if and when it’s needed. There are other buttons on its panel alongside its LCD display and viewing window and you’ll find more buttons on it than you’ll find on most modern bread makers, because this machine was launched in the year 2,000. It also comes with a VHS instructional manual (not surprising since we’re looking at a 20+ year-old machine here), a print manual, and a recipe booklet. I don’t know how long Breadman will keep selling this machine, but it has stood the test of time, definitely!

Customer Opinions

The top review of this appliance was posted several years ago and in it, the reviewer talks about how it’s made bread-making so easy for them for the past 11 years. It has also produced perfect loaves of bread for the same length of time. It produces that wonderful fresh bread aroma that drives their entire family crazy, and they’ve fallen in love with it. 

Another reviewer had their machine die after just 2 years of use, which obviously stirred up disappointment as it would with anyone that realizes they suddenly need a new machine after having high hopes of their current one lasting for years. However, this disappointment was short-lived when a simple search online led to their discovery of lots of models that were better than their previous one and also cost less than the price they paid for it. This discovery led to their purchase of this product, and, according to them, it kneads and bakes better than their dead machine and produces a remarkable loaf of bread each time they use it. 

They went on to mention other features that were missing in their old machine which they now enjoy with the Breadman TR2200C. This review was posted 2 years after the machine was launched. Overall, this is a cheap machine that provides all the features a home baker needs. Of course, making bread on a new, modern machine will be more convenient and fun, but this machine is a solid contender if you’re looking for a high quality model to buy.

Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2 lb Convection

This is another really old bread machine that is so good at making bread it’s still being manufactured and sold today. It has a number of buttons on its beautifully laid out panel, with an LCD display, and the Breadman logo boldly embossed on it. Looks-wise, this is a solid appliance, and feature-wise, it’s no slouch either. It offers white, whole wheat, French, low carb, fruit and nut, gluten-free, jam, dough, bake only, pizza dough, and Batter Breads™ pre-programmed functions, along with 3 crust options. Its features are very similar to those of the TR2200C.

It bakes 3 loaf sizes (1, 1.5, and 2 lb) and it has a viewing window which you can look through to see how much progress has been made on your loaf. This product has a convection bake function that makes your loaf’s crust crisper, which is a nice feature to have if you enjoy bread with a crisp crust. While the TR2200C comes with 110 recipes, the TR2500BC model offers more than 300 recipes so you can try out a huge variety of recipes.

This machine has a fruit and nut dispenser for automatically dispensing mix-ins, a 24-hour delay timer, 1-hour keep warm, 60-minute power backup, and an oven light, a crucial feature that makes seeing through the small viewing window much easier, so you won’t have any issues related to that like some do with the BK1050S model. 

Customer Opinions

The first review was written by someone whose wife purchased this machine more than a year ago at the time he wrote his review, and their decision to get a bread maker was fueled by their goal to reduce their chemical intake by avoiding store-bought bread and making theirs at home. They’ve been making a ton of bread at home since they got it, and on some days, the number of loaves they make peaks at five. This reviewer talked about how good this machine is at making pizza dough, and offered a ton of suggestions on how to get the best results out of this appliance and any model for that matter, and some of these suggestions were directed at some of the customers leaving negative reviews. 

According to him, making bread is an art and you can’t expect the best loaves without at least putting a little bit of effort, like 10 minutes of effort, into the process. He’s right because some buyers go on to leave negative reviews of products they buy, even though it’s their own fault their machine isn’t producing exceptional results. Bread makers do most of the work for you, so put in a little bit of effort at the start by making sure you check on your loaf within the first 10 minutes of the baking process, following the recipe correctly, using the right settings, and more and you’ll get good results from your machine.

Breadman TR875 2-Pound, Stainless Steel

The Breadman TR875 has a sleek design with a front-facing control panel, which can make using it a tad easier. It comes with a horizontal bread pan which is not only easy to clean, but has a nonstick coating so you can easily take out your loaves when they’re ready. This horizontal bread pan also gives your loaves a horizontal shape, the shape that store-bought loaves of bread usually have, so you enjoy the feeling of eating a traditional bakery-made loaf of bread at home without the health risks and cost of buying them. 

There are 10 baking functions available to buyers of this machine – basic, French, sweet, whole wheat, dough, pasta, jam, bake, gluten-free, and super rapid. The super rapid function expedites the process and enables the machine to make a 2lb loaf in one hour. This bread maker only supports loaves of two sizes – 1.5 and 2 lb, and its delay timer delays for up to 15 hours. 

You get the usual crust settings with this product, and in the absence of an automatic dispenser for fruits and nuts, the machine plays a tone to notify you when it’s time to manually add your mix-ins. Reviews of this appliance have been mostly positive, and you can of course read more of them by clicking the button below.

Other Breadman Products to Check Out

Breadman TR520 Programmable: Comes in a cream white color, with 8 pre-programmed functions and is capable of making 1, 1.5, and 2 lb loaves. It also offers 3 crust options, a 13-hour delay timer, and a very large viewing window above its tiny display. It doesn’t have an automatic dispenser, but it does notify you to add mix-ins at the right time with an add-in signal. Its tiny display means it won’t display some important pieces of information, like the current stage of the machine. It’s also missing a few other features that are present in the models reviewed above. It’s a good machine though, and it makes good bread. Read the reviews to decide if it’s for you or not.

Breadman TR2700 Stainless-Steel Programmable Convection: The TR2700 model is feature-rich, just like the TR2500BC. It has most of the features you’ll find on the TR2500BC such as an automatic dispenser, a convection bake function, 1-hour keep warm, 24-hour delay timer, 3 loaf sizes, and lots of recipes and baking options. Power backup is included too! Check it out here.

Breadman’s Bread Makers Are Great For Home Baking

Breadman offers a ton of options to those looking to purchase a bread maker, so I simply picked the top ones and reviewed them here. There are four or five other models not reviewed here, and they aren’t as popular or in-demand as the ones here, so if you’re considering Breadman machines, I believe this article should aid you immensely in picking the right one for yourself. Be sure to read more customer reviews through the links to get a well-rounded picture of each bread machine.