If you’re on a budget, you’re probably looking to buy the best affordable stand mixer for yourself. However, the fact that you’re looking for the best mixer on the cheaper side doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Granted, you get what you pay for, but there are high quality models for every price range, and so I’m happy to present to you the Kichot 7-Quart mixer.

cheap mixer Kichot

The Kichot 7-Quart is not only a high quality appliance, it represents the right compromise between small and large, which means it’s not too large or too small and is therefore great for both individuals and families alike.

If you’re not looking for something expensive but just want a decent, affordable machine that gets the job done, you won’t regret considering or buying this one.

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Kichot 7-Quart Review

I’m going to start with what is probably the most important thing to you now — the price. I know you’ve been wondering whether this is an appliance you can afford or not. Well, I’m happy to inform you that, at the time of writing this, it costs less than $100. Of course prices do change, but it’s unlikely this one will and I’ll keep updating this article if it changes or recommend another great alternative if its price increases.

This mixer is also available in 4 different colors, letting you pick the best color for your kitchen at an affordable price. The colors available are blue, black, red, and silver.

Notable Features

So aside from being affordable, this product comes with a powerful 660-watt motor which is very much capable of kneading dough, whipping cream, mixing thick batter, and more. It also has the planetary mixing feature you usually find on high-end models which means the mixer covers every part of the bowl while mixing in order to give you the best mixing results possible.

There are 6 speed options available on its control panel. The right speed for your recipe will vary depending on what you’re making, so having 6 speeds to choose from means you’ll be able to use this machine for recipes that require slow, medium, and fast mixing speeds.

An additional speed setting is also available and is called the pulse speed setting. The pulse setting is a nice feature. You won’t find it on all mixers, and it comes in handy for quick blitzing or when you want more control over speed. Some recipes also require you to use the pulse setting for incorporating certain ingredients, so it’s nice to have this machine when you’re following such a recipe.

The Kichot 7-Quart stand mixer has a 7-Quart stainless steel mixing bowl which strikes a good balance between small and large. It’s not too large for an individual and not too small for the average family. Its bowl also has a handle, which makes it easier to hold and use. It also:

  • has a tilt-head design that eases installing attachments and bowl access
  • comes with a splash guard to prevent spattering
  • prevents skidding with its anti-skid suction cups
  • includes 3 standard attachments — aluminum flat beater and dough hook, stainless steel wire whip
  • comes with a silicone spatula and egg white separator
  • has a 5-year warranty which is nice for a stand mixer that costs less than $100

Affordability Plus Quality

That’s exactly what this product stands for — affordability and quality. You won’t always find these words in the same sentence as both of them don’t always apply to the same product, but in this case, it does. This is the best affordable stand mixer you can buy today in my opinion. Click here to check it out.

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