I’m going to start by saying the Ankarsrum stand mixer 6230 is a one-of-a-kind stand mixer. It looks different and functions differently from other models on the market. Most people are used to the way machines from KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and the rest of the popular brands in the US work, but the Ankarsrum stand mixer? It’s a machine that will wow you and puzzle you at the same time, until you get to know it and begin to love it even more than you initially did.

Ankarsrum stand mixer 6230 review
6230 New Model

The Ankarsrum stand mixer was designed and built in Sweden and has been in use since 1940. It’s been the go-to kitchen appliance for Swedish cooks for all kinds of mixing tasks for decades way before it became available in the US. And it’s not just a mixer, it can become a complete kitchen center for lots of different tasks like slicing, shredding, grinding, processing food, and more if you get the optional attachments that are compatible with it.

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer Features

The first feature I’m going to talk about is not necessarily the most important feature, but it’s probably the most outstanding one. Have you seen a model with a rotating bowl before? I sure haven’t. Well, the Ankarsrum stand mixer has one. The bowl rotates beautifully while the machine works. It’s nice to look at, and this is the kind of appliance you’ll love to watch while it does it’s job, at least for the first few weeks of owning it.

The capacity of the mixing bowl is 7 liters, which equates to 7.4 quarts of space. To put this in perspective, it can hold 21 cups of flour. That’s a lot, which means this appliance is perfect for both small and large families.

You also get another bowl with your purchase of the Ankarsrum stand mixer — the double-beater, which has a capacity of 3.5 liters or 3.7 quarts and is BPA-free. When you need to beat and whisk ingredients, you can use it in place of the larger one. It’s also transparent, so you can see exactly what’s going on and stop it once you’ve gotten the result you want.

As with all appliances of this kind, this model includes a speed knob for controlling how fast the motor moves, and in turn, the attachments. While the quiet motor works, the torque automatically adjusts to the amount of load thanks to the included speed sensor.

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer Ease of Use

This mixer is so easy to use thanks to its design, features, and attachments. Its control panel is designed to be comfortable and its angled so you can turn the knobs easily. There are two knobs on it for controlling the timer and speed of the motor. The timer can keep the machine running continuously if you set it to “ON”, or for as long as the number of minutes you set it to. There are 1-12 minute options on the dial.

The double-beater bowl of the Ankarsrum stand mixer can be used to boil sugar syrup, whip and beat cream, meringue, egg whites, marshmallows, any kind of light batter, and more when a whisk or whip is attached to the machine. The optional attachments such as the slicer, blender, and the rest are easy to use. You simply turn the appliance on its side and attach them.

Everything about the Ankarsrum is beautiful and comfortable to use. It’s a product that is designed to make life in the kitchen easy for you, that’s for sure.

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer Attachments

This product comes with a lot of attachments/accessories and the option to buy additional ones. The included accessories are:

  • Multi-wire balloon whisk and the single-wire whip for light batter, cookie dough, butter and more.
  • Dough hook, roller (mimics fingers), scraper (mimics palms), and knife
  • Stainless steel bowl and dust cover lid

Here’s a list of the optional items you can buy separately for the Ankarsrum stand mixer:

  • Citrus press juicer
  • Grater
  • Meat grinder
  • Strainer
  • Vegetable slicer
  • Flake/grain mill
  • Pasta disc
  • Cookie press

Ankarsrum Stand Mixer Warranty + Verdict

How does a 7-year warranty sound? Amazing, isn’t it? Whilst most brands will only offer you a 1-year warranty, Ankarsrum is so confident about the quality of their product that they’re willing to go as far as 7. However, as with all warranties, there are some caveats you should be aware of:

  • It only covers the Ankarsrum stand mixer itself, excluding accessories.
  • It’s only valid if you use the product at home
  • It’s only valid if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Commercial use, incorrect use, careless use, poor maintenance, repairs by unauthorized personnel, and transport damage voids it

The Ankarsrum 6230 is a great deal for anyone, really. You get to purchase an excellent, sturdy, and outstanding stand mixer, enjoy multiple fantastic features, great performance, perfect mixing results, multiple excellent attachments, and optional ones for extra versatility.

The Ankarsrum stand mixer 6230 is also available in 9 different colors. Is it worth the money? It undoubtedly is! Click here to check it out.

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